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He is known for many centuries for its medicinal properties purgative gamboge.

The bark is given as a decoction, is used to treat rheumatism and gastrointestinal disorders. In veterinary medicine, we use this decoction for treating oral diseases of livestock.

In Ayurveda (Indian medicine), it is said that the flavors acids, such as those of Garcinia cambogia, activates digestion.

The Garcinia has also helped make food more nutritious and more satisfying. This plant has been used traditionally in India to support the treatment of various ailments:
– Skin disorders (rash by allergies, burns),
– To relieve the heat or sunburn,
– Remedy effective against dysentery,
– Tumors,
– From the mucous diarrhea,
– As an appetite suppressant,
– Tonic liver
– Improve digestion,
– Soothing thirst,
– As cardiotonic,
– Heart problems,
– Anti-ulcerogenic,
– Gastro-intestinal,
– Anti-ulcerogenic,
– Reduction of gastric acidity.

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