Garcinia cambogia research 5/5 (1)

Several studies demonstrate the effectiveness of HCA (hydroxycitric acid) found in Garcinia cambogia (cambodgia) complement:

The first were made in the laboratory in 1968:

  • She is able to prove that taking HCA hydroxycitric acid stopped the synthesis of fatty acids and bad cholesterol in the body.
  • That appetite was significantly reduced.
  • That body fat in the body was thus much reduced (in cases of obesity).

The following were clinical trials from 1987:

  • A publication in the (Annals of New York Academy of Sciences) journal in the U.S. involved a study of a population of obese people who took HCA, had already lost more than 1.5 kg after one week.
  • Other studies attested to the authenticity that the HCA Garcinia cambogia (cambodgia) contained in, was a revolutionary nutritional supplement in the search for weight loss.

Since many clinical trials are carried out and listed in Medline (bibliographic database covering all medical fields from 1966 to present), concerning preparations HCA Garcinia cambogia (cambodgia) extracted from, and the conclusion remains unchanged :

«Garcinia cambogia = Favorable trends in the loss of appetite and weight loss and reduction of body fat. »

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